Unspeakable Things Roger Brunyate

“UNSPEAKABLE THINGS is more accurately described as a refugee novel, being set in New York City in about 1940; the closest we get to the camps is the departure of a single character from Vienna in a sealed boxcar. But without the Holocaust, none of the characters would have had to flee to New York and live whole families to a single room in cold water flats. No matter how bizarre, how perverse Spivack’s action becomes, you know that even more unimaginable things are going on in Auschwitz, Maidanek, and the laboratories of Dr. Mengele. This is the Holocaust reflected in a fun-house mirror, but — unlike the situation in Europe — ultimately offering the hope of emerging from the madhouse and making your garden grow.

Spivack’s writing is superb, ranging from poetic descriptions of New York to the pornographic excesses of Rasputin’s assault on the hunchbacked Countess.”

–       Roger Brunyate

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