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With Robert Lowell and His Circle: Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop, Stanley Kunitz and Others. University Press of New England, 2012.

A History of Yearning. Poems. Winner, Sow’s Ear Poetry Review Chapbook Contest, 2010. Winner, Poetry, London Book Festival, 2010.

Moments of Past Happiness. Poems. Earthwinds Editions, 2007. Runner-Up, Poetry, Paris Book Festival, 2011.

The Honeymoon. Short Stories. Graywolf Press, 1986.

The Beds We Lie In. Poems. The Scarecrow Press, 1986. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

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The Jane Poems. Poems. Doubleday, 1974.

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Anthology Publications

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since feeling is first, Scott, Foresman and Co., 1971.

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Some Recent Periodical Publications and Prizes

“How I Got Over.” Poem. Poesis, 2006.

“Mouth Organ” and “You Must Change Your Life.” Poems. The Café Review, 2006.

“Seeming to Happen.” Poem. The Tampa Review, 2006.

“The Submarine Atlantis: For Marlaina Nugent.” Poem. Gulf Stream, 2006.

“Wood.” Poem. The Ledge, 2006.

“All the Days and Nights.” Poem. The Greensboro Review, 2007.

“Biology.” Short Story. Confrontation, 2007.

“Conceal/Reveal: The Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop.” Essay. Massachusetts Review, 2007. Also presented in France and at the American Literature Association conference.

“Concert Notes.” Poem. Inkwell, 2007.

“Distances Beyond the Eye.” Short Story. The Greensboro Review, 2007.

“Earth’s Burnt Umber.” Poem. Madison Review, 2007.

“From the Window.” Creative Nonfiction. North Dakota Quarterly Review, 2008.

“Language.” Creative Nonfiction. The Massachusetts Review, 2007.

“The Quilt of Stay-and-Go.” Poem. SouthWest Review, 2007.

“Refugee Love.” Short Story. Karamu, 2007.

“Tipping Point.” Poem. Spoon River Poetry Review, 2007.

“To Leave.” Poem. Poesis, 2007 (originally published in Ploughshares, 1999.)

“Wood.” Poem. The Ledge, 2007.

“yes I say outspread.” Poem. Atlanta Review, 2007.

“Love of High Places.” Short Story. Hawai’i Pacific Review, 2008.

“Say You’re Sorry.” Prose Poem. Karamu, 2008.

“Sneaker Love.” Creative Nonfiction. North American Review, 2008.

“By Any Other Name: A Love Story.” Creative Nonfiction. Silver Winner, Destination, Solas Awards, 2009.

“The Empty Rocker.” Creative Nonfiction. Bronze Winner, Grand Prize, Solas Awards, 2009.

“After Night Hawks. Hopper. 1942. #2.” Poem. Adirondack Review, 2010.

“The Blind Skater” and “Words for ‘Water’.” Poems. Alaska Quarterly Review, 2010.

“Carbonized.” Creative Nonfiction. The Harvard Review. 2010. Silver Winner, Love Story, Solas Awards, 2011.

“Notes of a Witness.” Prose. Worcester Review, 2010.

“Ping Pong Sestina: For Elizabeth Bishop.” Poem. Bagels with the Bards, 2010.

“Rilke was Miserable Here.” Creative Nonfiction. Silver Winner, Culture and Ideas, Solas Awards, 2010.

“Tivoli Garden, the Caretaker Takes Pity.” Poem. Winner, Erika Mumford Award, New England Poetry Club, 2010.

“True Stories.” Creative Nonfiction. Silver Winner, Travel Memoir, Solas Awards, 2010.

“Airports and Entrances,” “The City and Exile/City of Exile” and The Exodus of Parts of Speech.” Essays. Notre Dame Review, 2011.

“The Bathroom of My Ex-Lover’s Wife.” Short Story. Notable Story, Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Contest, 2011.

“Button. For my great aunt.” Poem. Shortlist, Northampton Literature Groups Poetry Competition, 2011.

“The Curators Go Home.” Poem. Bagels with the Bards, 2011.

“Fog.” Poem. Southern California Review, 2011.

“Glory” and “In The Palazzo Altemps: The Bull.” Poems. North Dakota Quarterly Review, 2011.

“The Great Railroad Train of Art.” Poem. The New Guard, 2011. First Prize, The Knightville Poetry Contest, 2011. Nominee, Pushcart Prize, 2011.

“Homage.” Poetry Chapbook. Finalist, Spire Chapbook Contest, 2011.

“How I Got Over.” Poem. Spoon River Poetry Review, 2011.

“Literacy.” Short Story. Notable Story, Gemini Magazine Short Story Contest, 2011. Semifinalist, Open City RRofihe Trophy Short Story Contest, 2011.

“Monet’s Path,” “Pale Light in the Luxembourg Garden” and “Straining.” Poems. Strangers in Paris, David Barnes ed., Tightrope Books, 2011.

“Night Hawks. 1942. #1.” Poem. The Poet’s Touchstone, 2011. Second Place, Poetry Society of New Hampshire National Contest, 2011. Finalist, Arts & Letters Poetry Prize, 2011.

“Summer Heat.” Short Story. First Prize, The Global Short Story Competition, July, 2011. Runner-Up, Colonnade Fiction Contest, Third Quarter, 2011. Silver Winner, Travel Memoir, Solas Awards, 2012. Gold Winner, Elder Travel, Solas Awards, 2013.

“Robert Lowell and His Circle.” Essay. The Worcester Review, 2010.

“Boston as a Literary City.” Essay. The Somerville Times, 2011.

“Talents in a Teapot: Lowell, Bishop & Boston!” Essay. Confrontation, 2011. Also presented at the American Literature Association conference, 2010.

“The Tolstoi Quartet’s Story.” Novella. Winner, Carpe Articulum Short Fiction Award, 2011.

“‘Garden As Paradise’ in the Life and Late Works of Stanley Kunitz.” Essay. The Connecticut Review, 2012. Also presented at the American Literature Association conference, 2011.

“That Light. That Photograph. That Couple.” Poem. St. Petersburg Review, 2012. Runner-Up, St. Petersburg Review Poetry Contest, 2011.

“The Story of Herself.” Poem. Bluestem, 2012, and Constellations, 2014.

“The Tundra.” Creative Nonfiction. Kenyon Review. Gold Winner, Culture and Ideas, Solas Awards, 2012.

“Their Tranquil Lives,” Poem. Patterson Literary Review, 2012. First Prize, Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award, 2010.

“You Will Think of the Word Replenishment.” Poem. Spoon River Poetry Review, 2012.

“Fog Can Take Over Now” and “Lure of Lights Sonnet.” Poems. Ibbetson Street, 2013.

“Missile Silos, North Dakota.” Poem. America, 2013.

“Neon Rest Stop.” Poem. The I-70 Review, 2013.

“The Rat.” Short Story. The Chattahoochee Review, 2013.

“The Bathroom of my Ex-Lover’s Wife.” Short Story. Constellations, 2014.

“Moths.” Short Story. Third Place, Womens’ National Book Association National Writing Contest, 2015. Finalist, Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction Prize, 2015.

“Wisconsin death trip.” Poem. The Prairie Schooner, 2015.

“Book Rest.” Poem. Spoon River Poetry Review.2015

“Moonlight Over the Acropolis” and “to have and to hold.” Poems. Constellations.2015/16

“The Quilt of Healing Hurts.” Poem. RiverSedge.2015

“There is a word or several must be” and “this man is asleep.” Poems Ibbetson Street,2015

Earlier Periodical Publication

Poetry has also appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Antaeus, The Antioch Review, The Kenyon Review, Poetry Now, Esquire, Harpers, Ms. Magazine, The Partisan Review, Prairie Schooner, The Hudson Review, Kayak, Agni, Poetry Magazine, American Poetry Review, The Nation, Milkweed Chronicle, Kansas Quarterly, New Letters, Encounter, The Massachusetts Review, The Virginia Quarterly, and others.

Fiction has also appeared in Boston Globe Magazine, Red Book, The Kenyon Review, Prairie Schooner, Kansas Quarterly, Quarterly West, Sojourner, Dreamworks, Iowa Woman, New Letters, Story Quarterly, Southern California Anthology, The Virginia Quarterly, The North American Review, and others.

Essays and reviews have also appeared in Poetry Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, Boston After Dark, Thirteenth Moon, Antioch Review, Sojourner, Agni, Croton Review, Resonances, Ironwood, American Poetry Review, Best Critical Reviews by American Authors, The Library of Literary Criticism, Modern American Literature, The Virginia Quarterly, and others.

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