Author Statement

KS_writerI am a professional literary writer. The oldest daughter of writer Peter Drucker; writing, reading, teaching, coaching and mentoring have always been my life. My father was an emigre intellectual when I was growing up, and imbued me with his values and outlook.
Later, Robert Lowell became my teacher and longtime friend, and I was privileged also to witness a part of the writing journeys of Elizabeth BishopAnne SextonAdrienne RichStaney KunitzSylvia PlathJohn Gardner and other formative writers who shaped their time.
My mission has always been to write, to read, to teach. How could it not be?  Of course family life, personal life, children etc. presented themselves as well.  They reached to the core of the creative process. While teaching in Boston and throughout the US, I started working in the French University system. My writing changed, became deeper I think. Much of my writing has been published and presented: books, anthologies, magazines, or in readings and performance, as theatre pieces, sometimes with original musical scores.
The work of “great” writers continues to absorb me as well as that of my colleagues and writing clients. They inspire me every day. My contemporaries have become heirs to what is now considered the “Middle Generation” in American poetry. I read their work with admiration.
Thank you to writers, artists, scholars, students, clients, friends, teachers at all levels, small presses and established publishers, agents, editors, authors, independent bookstores and yes the larger ones; the dogged literary devotees who publish magazines out of kitchens. dark bedrooms,cluttered university desk drawers or from their personal computers; the slush pile readers, the grant givers; thank you and for those sweet creative havens: artists’ retrkathleen spivackpariseats, centers and conferences who for a time let us “just write.” 
For every academic director I’ve ever had: thank you for giving me a job; and for academic colleagues who come at literature in a totally different way. Thank you to the organizers of reading series & slams etc; and to those who staff cultural organizations and deal with paper blizzards daily. 
Thank you for letting me write and,what’s more, occasionally be read.Thank you to all the courageous lone and perhaps ( we must be!) half crazed writers, readers and people who love good writing and keep on; for work and companionship; for the journey: for spark,  illumination; perseverance and possibility.

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