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Launch of “Unspeakable Things”, Harvard Book Store, Cambridge, January 26, 2016

Kathleen and Lis at Harvard Book Store, Jan 2016The Launch– it took place at the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge Ma on Jan. 31, 2016 to a full house and overflow standing-room audience.  I love this bookstore, and Jeff and the staff who maintain this intelligent erudite bookstore with its great windows and display tables, just across the street from Widener Library.   Special thanks to Jeff and the events planner, Alex, who made this possible, and on a Sunday afternoon as well. My first reading from this novel….

Elizabeth Knoll gave a beautiful introduction– many who wrote me afterwards mentioned this intro especially.  My two beloved book groups and Inge Hoffman’s seminar were there  The Gracious Grolier Poetry Bookshop were in the front row-Ifeanyi Menkiti, Carol Menkiti, and Elizabeth Doran.   Friends from all parts of life, the Bagel Bards, (Harris etc) writer-clients, old and new friends– and  lovely loyal closest ones turned up to help with the reception . Read a bit from the book, then opened the discussion to the audience. Where could one find as literary, writerly, thoughtful a group as in Cambridge, Ma.? Thank you all. And it didn’t snow that day…. Check out the readings series and other events at this bookstore. 
Above is a nice photo  with writer-friend Lis Weiss Horowitz

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