New Novel by Kathleen Spivack, UNSPEAKABLE THINGS, Alfred Knopf, January 26, 2016

KS_jacket_smallI am thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of Unspeakable Things. Have held back on saying anything until now: just couldn’t believe it would  actually happen. 
Below is  a link to my first review of my first (published) novel.  It even got a star.
I started crying when it was read aloud to me. So grateful, so… relieved. 
Thank you, gentle reviewer, more than you can know.  To readers and friends, agent and editor, to this most revered publishing house, (have I ever  worked so hard on anything?),and to you,who’ve lived this journey with me,thank you. I so hope you will like this book. Unspeakable Things: A novel…  › …  › Historical  › Cultural Heritage/ 1 customer review

Copyright Kathleen Spivack

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