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New Book. Memoir: With Robert Lowell and His Circle: Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton Elizabeth Bishop, Stanley Kunitz and Others to be published this fall 2012 by The University Press of New England.

My new book, a personal memoir, With Robert Lowell and His Circle:  Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop, Stanley Kunitz  Stanley Kunitz  and Others  will be published this  fall 2012 by The University Press of New England. I came to Boston in 1959 to study with Robert Lowell in his “famous class.”  He introduced me to the poets of his time who took me under their wing.  
      This book portrays the close and variegated relationship between the most gifted poet of his generation, Robert Lowell, and a young poet, myself, who first came to Boston to study with him. It spans eighteen years of our lives and carries over into the present.
    A delicate intimacy grew alongside pressing personal events:  hard won publication, success, disappointment, other friendships and loves, marriages, celebrations, rejections, families, failure, break ups, break downs. There were wider realities as well: historical, political and social. 
There is a little bit about Peter Drucker and my family of origin.  There were  many dimensions to these realities.
    The central importance in this book is the dedication to writing and a shared love of literature.  What started out with Robert Lowell as a teacher-student relationship became something else, but it always kept at its heart two people, happily and deeply engaged together in a greater quest.  This is a story of love, respect, trust, generosity—on both sides—and discreet boundaries formally observed making this lifelong closeness possible: a precious and protected flowering outside of definitions.  
     This book shares closely observed relationships with some other amazing poets in Robert Lowell’s circle: most notably Sexton, Plath,  Bishop, and Kunitz, but also many others.  I am almost a generation –or more- away from  these poets and probably one of a few American poets still living to have known them all personally.
    It is time to remember that great world of literary values and writers, to celebrate their greatness, struggles, and commitment. These writers believed in their art, and inspired so many others by their life and work. Some of the great writers of our present  time who also passed though the Lowell/Bishop nexus share their perceptions as well.   I hope you like this book!
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A recent award for a poem and for a section of my novel.

A recent poem received the Knightville Poetry prize, The New Guard Review, judged by Charls Simic, and is a Pushcart nomineeThe issue of the New Guard Review,  edited by Shanna McNair ,winter 2011/2012,  contains a new short story by Ralph Ellison, never before in print, among other writings.  The Tolstoi Quartet’s Story a novella, part of a larger work,  just won the Carpe Articulum  Short Fiction Award. James Ulmer was the judge, The editor is the dedicated Hadassah BroskovaCarpe Articulum Literary Review, beautifully designed, is internationally distributed.

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Upcoming Writing Workshops, Paris France and Cambridge MA Spring 2012

   I am leading a Poetry Workshop at the PARIS Writers Workshop in late June 2012 in France.*Some very good poets have already signed up, and the goal is to support your journey ! Other terrific workshops are also being offered. Enhance your  “professional development” and have a great time too! It would be wonderful if you could join me. 
     *Shaping the Poem.  “How do we shape a poem so that it shimmers with meaning?   Read your work in famed Paris venues as part of the program….
      For those not traveling to Paris:
 *An Advanced Writing Workshop Sunday, May 20th: 10-4: all genres. Focus on Completion and Publication. Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Cambridge, Ma. Tel:(617) 547-6789
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