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For you who’ve lived the ups and-downs- with me…

I just found out that my recent chapbook A History of Yearning, the winner of the Sow’s Ear Poetry Chapbook Prize, just won the prize for a book of poetry, the London Book Festival !!!!!! I am totally thrilled. You will know what this means! The History of Yearning won an award at the New England Book Festival too!
(30 pages, paper,”Sow’s Ear” does one book a year… Editor/Publishers Larry Richman, Robert Lesman. John Zimet (Cover design by Marin Spivack and Si Jie Wang .)
At the New England Book Festival, A History of Yearning came in next to—Swan ( 98 pages, hardcover, Random House) by the beautiful poet Mary Oliver. Her twentieth book; and a touchstone. An honor.
Recent poems won the Allen Ginsberg, Erika Mumford and Paumanok Awards.
New poetry and prose appears in The Harvard Review, the North America Review and elsewhere, and from my forthcoming book Student! With Robert Lowell and his Famous Circle. Boston 1959-1977. Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop; others.
Essays:”Notes of a Witness,” in The Worcester Review, and forthcoming in Confrontation, “Talents in a Teapot, Boston. Lowell, Bishop- and Protective Coloration, “which deals specifically with the intermix of New England, Boston and the poets. (Also presented at the ALA. ) For more essays on these poets,specifically on Bishop, please see my site below. I have written quite a bit on Lowell at BU —and Bishop at Harvard–(Massachusetts Review, on line) which you might find interesting if you are local.
Anyway, much encouraged. Onward— and sometimes there’s —hope!
All the best for your life and writing,

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