Charles Olson, Kunitz, Lowell, Bishop. Worcester Review.

The recent issue of the Worcester Review edited by writer Rodger Martin includes work from the recent Olson Centennial Conference. I turned immediately to the essay by close friend and colleague Laura Jehn Menides, Charles Olson and the Blackstone Canal. Thoughtful,well written, witty, it discusses Olson’s relation to Worcester. There are many other great pieces on Olson in this issue, as well as on the dedication of the Stanley Kunitz House,now a National Literary Landmark. Also in this Worcester Review, my essay Robert Lowell and His Circle, an excerpt from the memoir Student! The WR published my first piece on Elizabeth Bishop several years ago.

Worcester is a center of literary activity. Kunitz, Olson, Bishop all spent significant time there. Through the admirable Worcester County Poetry Association and educational and cultural institutions, tradition and the artistic present are vibrant. For another essay on Bishop, look at the Massachusetts Review (online Spivack.pdf) Conceal/Reveal: Passion and Restraint in the Work of Elizabeth Bishop.

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