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Multi talented artist/writers.

I am in awe of talented poet friends who are also creative artists in other fields.

Marlaina Nugent is a dancer, a poet, educator, and novelist. Her journals are exquisite. She also is a visual artist. A weaver, she combines words, fabrics and natural materials on a large scale. A nature photographer, her work has been featured in magazines. Marlaina’s work has been widely published and shown. She’s lived in Barbados & the US.

Suzanne Rosenblatt is a poet, visual artist, dancer, and performance poet. She works in Milwaukee. Married to the famous artist Adolph Rosenblatt, her books are numerous. I particularly like her collection Dancers as well as her wildly inventive poems, her illustrated journals, and her commitment to performance.

Margo Berdeshevsky is a gifted poet, (two poetry books with Sheep Meadow Press) and a book of prose, Beautiful Soon Enough, that won the Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize. Her book covers, a photo essay on Cuba, on the tsunami in Indonesia, and most recently on the Gypsy expulsions in France have received wide recognition.

Writer Li Min Mo ‘s newest book is Spirit Bridges, a coming of age story about a young Chinese woman, an exile and immigrant.
It’s a moving heartfelt story of the journey, both inner and outer. Li Min is a storyteller, inspiring generations of Asian children. She is an enthralling performer.

Li Min did the cover and wrote for The Bones We Carry, a collection of prose and poetry by the multicultural theater group StreetFeet, which works with neighborhoods in various urban settings. The Streetfeet Women have been developing theater works together since the 1960’s. They have also traveled and performed at the United Nations International Women’s Festivals in Nigeria and in China. The current members are Chris Fadala, Beatrice Green, Elena Harap Dodd, Mary McCullough, Aura Sanchez and Li Min.

Elena Harap Dodd is a writer and musician as well as a performer, and presents a one woman show, Meet Eleanor Roosevelt. Elena also writes essays, including one on our flower-gazing walks together. When we first met, she had already published a collection of James Agee’s early works. Elena plays the flute and we performed at the United Nations years ago as part of International Woman’s Day. She is multi -talented,her work a delight. Bravo Elena/Eleanor!

Miriam Levine is the author of numerous books, poetry and prose. Her volume Into the Dark won the Autumn House Press Poetry Prize. The beautiful cover leads one right into the poems which are filled with visual grace and insight. There is delicacy in the imagery, and a a clear profound poetic voice. I have followed Miriam’s writing since her first book, since we took a graduate class together at Boston University oh how many years….

Just recently heard poet Celia Gilbert read from Something to Exchange and other poems. Not only are the poems terrific, but Celia is an artist whose work speaks both visually and through words. A painter, she created the the cover of her book. I bought her book on the spot and recommend it – inside and out.

Ming Mei Yip is an illustrator and artist as well as writer. She is multi talented, in music and dance as well. Her most recent books are Song of the Silk Road (forthcoming) and Petals From the Sky. Look for her delicate rendering of Chinese folk tales for children also

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