Congratulations to Ifeanyi Menkiti on his seventieth birthday. Menkiti is a Nigerian born poet, philosophy prof. and owner of the Grolier Poetry Bookshop. . Ifeanyi is a deep resonant moral and humanist voice in contemporary poetry with an incantatory vision and line.

Look for the recent work of poet Cecilia Wolloch. Narcissus, Tupelo Press, 2008, won the Snowbound Series Chapbook Award. Carpathia was published by Boa Editions,2009. Cecilia’s poetry is delicate, lyrical, beautifully crafted: passionate and edgy.

Ann Sayre Wiseman, artist, writer, just published Spinning Straw, a riveting account of a lifetime of curiosity, love, motherhood, adventure, and learning.

Sajed Kamal’s new book, The Renewable Revolution is forthcoming by Earthscan, a London-based publisher of books on climate change, sustainable development and environmental technology. Sajed is a writer, inventor, teacher, and has received many awards for his work on renewable energy.

Susan Tiberghien continues to inspire other writers with One Year to a Writing Life, Marlowe & Co/Avalon. She offers a gentle supportive approach to the writing process; a lovely handbook.A must-have for the writer.

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