Some Recent Poetry Releases-Take a Look

Some new poetry book releases: poems and process. Myles Gordon’s moving sonnet sequence, Recite Every Day, won a Helen Day Chapman Award, Evening Street Press. Frederick Goodwin’s starburst collection, Virgil’s Cow,was published by Miami University Press. Two recent Wilderness House books are Name the Glory, a flowing sequence by Molly Bennett, stunning in red, and Ruth Kramer Baden’s East of the Moon; outstanding poetic content and design. Roses in the Snow (Cottage Press)by Diana Norma Szokolyai received citations for delicate poems and photos. With international saxophonist Dennis Shafer, Norma also creates and performs with Sounds in Bloom. Rich Murphy’s perceptive Voyeur won the Gival Press Poetry Prize. More later.

Copyright Kathleen Spivack

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