New England Poetry Club-

Diana Der Hovanessian, world- renowned poet and translator, is current director of the very active New England Poetry Club. If you live in New England, it is a must. It was founded in 1915 by Amy Lowell, Robert Frost and Conrad Aiken , runs readings at venues such as the stately Longfellow House, and gives prizes. I was lucky enough to win an Erika Mumford Prize recently. The organization sponsors programs for young people and owes its continuation to the devoted work of volunteers.

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  1. Dear NEPC, I am trying to reach Kathleen Spivak, but I find no “contact” links in any of her media columns: books, blog, author, etc.
    I am writing a book that will cite several of Kathleen’s publications connecting to Lowell, Bishop, and Kunitz. Ideally I will get a travel grant from my college to come meet with her, as well as with poets and artists in Worcester.

    I have recently retired from teaching at Converse College. My book is well along, but KS’s work matters greatly in my own work. If I can arrange that grant,and at her convenience, I would expect to travel to meet her in March or maybe early April. Thank you,

    Arthur McMaster
    MFA, Converse College English Dept

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